Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

In the Bag!

Okay, I don't always remember to take non-plastic bags with me to the supermarket, but mostly I do. Or I take the old plastic bags from the cupboard under the stairs (or the European used plastic bag mountain as it is also known), so they get used a few times before their 400 year wait until nature finally wins.

'Bag for Life' offers at our supermarche are a good idea - but much, much, much better is to use fairly traded jute bags, available from Traidcraft, New Internationlist and other such wonderful places.

I support the campaign to emulate Ireland and begin charging for plaggy bags - we'll soon start to remember to take our trendy fair trade environmentally friendly bags with us. And anyway - your wine bottle's much less likely to fall out of a sturdy jute bag than a thin, poorly made, environmentally disastrous carrier.

visit www.green-england.co.uk/plasticbagpetition to add your name to those who support 'old bags' (you know what I mean) or visit www.mrdf.org.uk for more ideas about tackling climate change.


Sally said...

great post- we try not to use plastic bags, and minimise packaging wherever possible...thanks for this link.

Anna D said...

My trouble with plastic bag use is that I buy these nice canvas bags, thinking that I'll use them and then I never have them in my car when I go shopping or (even more likely) I just lose the stupid things - arg!

My brain seems to be hard-wired into using the placcy bags...

(But I always recycle them)