Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Friday, 11 January 2008

Buy Less Live More

What are you giving up for Lent this year?

Why not join us and pledge to curb your spending and shrink your carbon footprint?

Buy Less: Live More is a Lent experiment - we want to explore different ways of living life to the full, while treading a little more lightly on the planet we call home.

Visit http://www.buylesslivemore.org.uk to sign up for daily emails during Lent.
If you are a Facebook member join the Buy Less: Live More group and invite your friends to get involved.


RubyB said...

Hi how are you deciding what things are essential -I am a bit concerned about bought lunches! Am I suppose to steal them? I would have to buy ingredients and I often find that I throw things away. I am able to have a reasonably priced hot lunch in my canteen at work which saves me cooking in the evening when I would have no time. Help!

Anna D said...

Hi Ruby,

The most important thing about Buy Less: Live More is that it's a bit more flexible than No New Shoes. The idea is that we think sensibly about which of our shopping habist make sense, and which simply don't. It sounds like, for you, bought lunches are the best plan - with the added advantage (or disadvantage) of being away from your desk and a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues.

I think for BL:LM, everyone's going to have to come up with their own tailored essentials list. It'll be interesting to see what people come up with...