Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Monday, 18 February 2008

Lent crisis number 1

Well, we're a week and a half in and things seemed to be going fairly smoothly on the old Buy Less: Live More front.

Until of course I ran out of face wash and my nice shampoo. I have other face wash and other shampoo but nothing as good or as nice. Yes, I am vain. I admit it. But one thing I'm very conscious of is my bad skin and, whether or not they actually make a difference, posh toiletries make me feel better about myself. I suppose they sell me the hope that if I use them in the right way, and for long enough, they'll make me look better. I know it's a vain hope, but I'm sure I'm not the only victim of the cosmetics marketing machine.

But for the rest of Lent I'll be using my skanky cheap shampoo and rifling through my samples for decent face wash (you know those samples you get in magazines? I'm the kind of tragic person that collects them).

So, how important is looking and feeling good? Are there better ways to boost one's self esteem?

Your thoughts please...


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kylie said...

Hi there,
i stumbled on your blog when i was meandering around blogsville one time and have been lurking occaisionally. i "borrowed" the essentials/nonessentials list from your side bar for my blog. sorry i didnt tell ya, it was one of those things that i was going to do .....
i did credit youthough and thought you probably would be happy for me to spread the message.
about the shampoo etc: toiletries have never been my choice of indulgence but i think everyone has to have something, the issue is when you have to have everything all at once or (esp with face creams etc)when you have to have the very most expensive one on the market.
i think you're doin a good thing here, keep it up