Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Sunday, 8 April 2007

happy easter everyone!!!

Hurrah! For one thing, we made it, but much more importantly, today we celebrate our Saviour's resurrection and all the hope and joy that that brings into this world.

It's a beautiful, sunny day in Kent which seems more than appropriate for Easter day.

Reflecting on the past 46 days, it has been tough, but perhaps not as tough as I thought it would be (maybe because of the occasional cheating!). I don't feel like my spiritual life has been dramatically changed or that I am now a particularly saintly person, but I don't think was ever the point of the project. I do feel that I've been challenged about the way I spend my money and how self-indulgent I had become without realising it. Mikki's last post has particularly challenged me - I am most definitely a Primark shopper and I always chase after a bargain. But at what cost?

It's easy to forget that everything we have in this life is temporary and that God calls us to do the best we can with it. That's the thing I have felt most challenged about over Lent.

I also feel that no new shoes has really brought some blessings into my life that wouldn't have been there otherwise (at the risk of sounding unbearably twee). For one thing I have made a new friend - Michael. Since I haven't been using my car to get the the station in the morning, I've been catching the bus. Michael also catches the bus, we got chatting about this and that and now it's really nice to see each other in the mornings, sympathise over lack of sleep and and share how our families are.

So, I'm glad we've done it and this certainly won't be the last post on the blog. What can we get up to next Lent I wonder.....?

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!


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