Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Monday, 2 April 2007

No more Rudolph

Victory! I have found my powder compact! It was underneath my desk...what a wally. I am stupidly happy about finding it and shall endeavour to make it last until Sunday.

On another note, this weekend I found the whole no new shoes thing rather difficult. It was the weekend of the Vitality Show (www.thevitalityshow.co.uk), which is a bit like the clothes show but for makeup, beauty, health care, fitness etc.

Yes, it's rather shallow. And yes I love going to it. Every year, I get a girly group together and we hit Olympia for free samples, bargains and general fun.

But not this year. It's not just the shopping and freebies that I love (although that is utterly brilliant as self indulgence goes), but it's the time with my girlfriends, many of whom I don't see very often. Also, as it's usually me that organises it and since I tried to pretend it didn't exist, no one else I know went. So I kinda feel like I let them down too.

But I didn't go. So I'm quite proud of my self-restraint. However, I did go to a gig on Saturday night at which my friend was singing (she was utterly brilliant). Rather than pay for my ticket, I bought my friends a few essential items (bread, milk etc.) and they payed for me. I know that's kinda cheating, but I would have gone anyway.

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Alice said...

Don’t feel guilty about not arranging the Vitality Show trip! As someone who has gone to every one so far I didn’t feel in the least bit let down. You should be proud of yourself for getting through lent so far with so few slip ups, I’m proud of you. Also with two hen weekends to either organise or help organise this summer I’m sure you’ll get plenty of girly time to make up for it. And the Vitality show wasn’t nearly as good last year as it had been previous years so we probably weren’t missing out all that much anyway.