Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Podcasts and debt

The April Methodist Podcast is now online!! "Hurrah!" I hear you cry. Even better, it features the beautiful dulcet tones of our very own Michaela and Toby, discussing the highs and lows of retail deprivation. Check it out at


There's an interesting debate going on over at The Interface about Fair Trade products and whether they really make a difference. I'm inclined to say yes, but some disagree...

US debtors turn to Bible to make ends meet

This article is rather interesting. It's good that people are getting support from churches when they face financial difficulty. But am I the only one to feel rather uncomfortable about churches charging up to $90 for the service?


Mr John Cooper said...

Great podcast though
i) Would it cost too much rights wise to get music on it?
ii) Something rather disturbing about the discussion of underwear...


Anna D said...

That underwear discussion simply will not disappear, will it?

Thanks for the feedback. Music would be good, but we need to find a suitable track that is either copyright free or that we own. Unless you fancy composing something suitable for us...? We're certainly open to offers.


Anonymous said...

How nice it is to put voices to names and photos.