Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Monday, 26 February 2007

Chuck it out!

Michaela's comment about clearing out old and no-longer-worn clothes (made in reference to Anna's underwear, which seems to be the sine qua non of this blog) started me thinking. At nearly a week in, I'm finding it easy to not buy non-essentials, although this might be because so far I haven't really stood face to face with a tempting non-essential item.

But going through our own stuff to see what we no longer need is also worthwhile. It reminds us of just how much stuff we have, and how little we need. A few years ago I moved house and took the opportunity to clear out my stuff. I was stunned by how much I eventually took to the recycling centre: multiple car-loads, all of which also represented a huge quantity of packaging that had long since been thrown away.

So I think we should take up Mickey's challenge: let us also use Lent to look at what we already have, and to rid ourselves of the truly unnecessary. Plus, this way we'll have more shelf space when we start shopping again in April!


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Nudey Hippy said...

Far better than simply giving up consumerism for the few weeks of Lent, is to reject consumerism in total. I live without TV, car and most of the other non-essentials you list for 52 weeks a year. This leaves me more time and energy and money to focus on more important things.

This approach to life has nothing to do with religion directly. It's born out of something that all humans are blessed with regardless of faith, colour or creed. It's called "common sense".

I suppose the bottom line is that there is little point in going through stuff and giving away what you don't need simply to make space for the next lot of tomorrow' charity shop fodder that will be delivered courtesy of Santa next Consumermass.

Consume less! Live more!