Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Oh no! Lent's here and I forgot to get....

Yesterday involved a theatre visit, with the usual accompaniments of sweets, souvenir brochures and (less usually) the purchase of a rubber cow for de-stressing. Spamalot was rip-roaringly funny and well worth seeing. Today also includes a theatre visit - booked and paid for long ago, to see 'Underneath the Lintel' with the wonderful Richard Schiff (of West Wing fame). But what are we going to do about those 'little extras'. We can take our own water, we usually do that because West End prices are outrageous, but the sweets? Is it okay to take a bag of dried apricots, because they are part of our usual shop - I hope so! A friend saw the play a couple of weeks okay and passed on the brochure - so that's one temptation less.

Reality kicks in today and I'm somewhat apprehensive. How is it for you?


Mr John Cooper said...

Oooh enjoy the play - heard very good things about it.

I don't see why you can't take, for example, an apple from your fruitbowl (if you have one) and eat that in the interval. I don't think that goes against the ethos of the trial.

So comeon, fess up, what other "pre-booked" things are still to come up?


Toby Scott said...


The most obvious pre-booked item for me is a weekend away for my birthday. It's already booked and paid for and requires eating out at least twice.


Lynne said...

Yep Micky, I'm apprehensive too. I didn't go to Oxfam bookshop at lunchtime and won't be looking at any of the antiquarian booksellers sites until after Easter. I've read three of the four books I bought at the weekend so, as Lent begins today, it's back to the Bible, as I promised.

I've decided to study the women of the Old Testament and tonight begin with Esther. I don't have a tv so it will be just me, Esther and God (hopefully)!

Enjoy your evening at the theatre Micky

Michaela said...

I'm back from the matinee and it was wonderful, we all enjoyed Richard Schiff's performance and the kids got his autograph afterwards - a free delight!!

We hadn't eaten up all the pre-lent wine gums from yesterday, so had sweets to pass along the row - praise be! What was different was that yesterday's sandwiches came fom the lovely people at Subway, whereas today, our son Robert made a picnic to eat on the train - bless.

Good news about Esther Lynne - I find the treatment of Vashti in Chapter 1 more interesting than the rest of the book. Particularly the irony that the writer brings in about from that time on men were to be masters of their households -hmm interesting.... perhaps that is a debate for a different blog!!