Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

I’m a consumer - get me out of here!

It’s true, I love to shop til’ I drop, especially if the trip to the shopping centre includes lots of breaks in trendy coffee shops. There’s a great sense of satisfaction in taking part in the most popular hobby in the UK today - but just what am I buying into?
Prawns caught in Scotland get flown to Thailand, shelled by hand and then sent back to the UK for sale - how mad is that? Clothes are made in sweatshops, food is processed beyond all recognition and hours are spent online hunting down the latest bargain. There are times when it all feels like a roller-coaster and I want to get off.

Here comes the mad idea…..

46 days without shopping for anything but essentials.
Replace hours of rampant consumerism by

  • going for a walk,
  • flying a kite,
  • buying only fairly traded stuff wherever possible
  • reading the stack of unopened books bought over the last year
  • marking Lent by refocusing on spiritual well-being
  • reducing our carbon footprint
  • using the car less
  • living more generously
  • making bread
  • spending time with loved ones

You can do it too! Get down to what is essential this Lent and let us know how you get on.

Lent is from 21st February - 7th April.


Lynne said...

I've been giving some serious thought to this after reading your blog.

As my biggest non essential spend is on books, I considered that although it would be a huge commitment for me not to buy books during Lent, I WILL do it.

I see that Michaela mentions reading the piles of unread books lying around the house but for me very few books are unread - I am an absolute glutton and devour them all!

So,isn't this just the time for me to commit to reading my Bible, regularly and in greater depth than recently?

Thanks Anna and Michaela - I'm with you on this.

Michaela said...

Thanks Lynne. What a great idea. If your reflective reading of the Bible reveals hidden treasure - do let us know!

Lazy Dave said...

I don't really like shopping, so I'm giving up eating out. And I will also sow on buttons when they fall off, rather than buying new shirts.