Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Stuff for boys

A quick look at the lists of essentials and non-essentials over there on the left, plus the photo at the top and in fact the design of the entire site might give the impression that this whole site and the idea behind it is entirely aimed at women. (and the name! Sorry, but men do not concern themselves that greatly with shoes). Hair dye? Make up? Alcohol (oh hang on...)

Anyway, to address this balance, and make the point that there are lots of things that men consume.

So I suggest as additions to the non-essentials list:

Sporting events: no going to the football, rugby or anything. Like lots of things on this blog (Anna's cinema, my emusic), this raises the question about season tickets that are already bought and paid for. In which case, go, but remember about the no alcohol bit, and mind your language. And no pie at half time. Also: no Pay-per-view sports, and no going round to a mate's to watch PPV footy there either. Sky Sports is allowed, but only once you've done all the jobs around the house. You can still play sports, so your 5 a side team will not miss you, and you can play golf if you must.

Gadgets: You know what I mean. Stop now.

Shirts: new clothing is out anyway, but shirts (of any kind) are the nearest I can think of as an equivalent to shoes. Wait until after Easter.

Cigarettes: I'm shocked that this isn't on the list anyway, but I'm going to put it on. No booze, no smokes, no intoxicants. You've been meaning to give up anyway. Think of it as a second New Year's Resolution.

Gambling: Why not? No online poker, no national lottery. Give it a break.

Less Internet: I won't say none, because otherwise you wouldn't read this. But give it a break and spend some time talking to a real person who is in the room with you.

Still allowed: exercise (but no driving to the gym, and take a bus to your 5 a side game if you can); talking to your mates; shaving essentials; socks.



Lynne said...

Oh dear, Mr Glum, I lost count of the number of times you wrote "no". You grudgingly say that it's okay to play some sport and, only once actually said something positive about talking to the person in the same room! So, I would love to hear some good things you intend to do over Lent. Share your positive thoughts and ideas - inspire us -please.

Toby Scott said...

Glum? Moi? The whole non-essentials list is a bunch of "no" so I don't feel too bad. Anyway, pretty much all of this has been impossible for me since Elizabeth was born so Lent for me will follow the same pattern as the rest of my life: work, parenting, sleep. But I enjoy all three of those things so it's all good.

Hairy Dave said...

No Shaving!

Not essential to health or happiness surely.

A visible sign of your lenten-ness.

Keeps you warm in the cold weather.

So many advantages and no cost!

Toby Scott said...

No shaving? That would be a major challenge. One the one hand, I would save 15 minutes a day. On the other, Angela would kill me and the office would laugh.

What does anyone else think?

Smooth Toby

PS And we are talking about shaving the face, aren't we? I'm not doing my bikini line for anyone.