Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Monday, 19 March 2007

ah, sweet temptation...

On Saturday night I returned home from a long day to discover that a cheerful little card had come through my door. It was an invitation. To a champagne reception. For the reopening of my favourite shop. 15% discount on all items purchased on Friday night.

oh dear...


Lytton said...

Yes Anna - this is a dilemma. On one hand, there is the offer of a "free" evening out, but will the "free" champagne take its toll and lead you astray?

I think when faced by such temptation I would first remind myself why I'm resisting temptation through Lent and then put myself in Jesus' situation. He removed himself from temptation, into the desert. Yes, he was visited by temptation, even there, but he resisted. Why not take time to sit it out with him, or your family on that particular evening?

Mark said...

Dear Anna, Michaela, Angela, and Toby,

I just came across your Lenten blog through the website for my congregation's Church School curriculum, "Seasons of the Spirit" (www.spiritseasons.com).

I think what y'all (okay, I just gave away that I'm Texan) are doing is wonderful! You show that taking discipleship seriously isn't easy, that following Christ has ups and downs, and that it's worth sticking to the effort. I plan to share your blog with my youth group tonight.

As for your dilemma, Anna, I agree with Lytton. The whole reason for giving up something for Lent is to free up time and/or resources to devote to a more pure love of God, neighbor, and self. It is not simply to deprive oneself. So fill the time you would have spent at the reception with something that draws you closer to God, neighbor, and self.

Thanks for your witness.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Mark
Texas, USA

Alice said...

My first ever blog contribution, how exciting!

I think you should go. It is a unique opportunity for you to have a free night out with your husband who I’m sure would be going anyway. This way you can face your temptations head on and enjoy the free champagne with your husband at the same time.

I mentioned this dilemma and the responses it had received to Dante and he said that he was sure Jesus would be at the champagne reception too!