Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Thursday, 1 March 2007


It's Toby's birthday tomorrow, so in keeping with the office tradition I went off to buy the cakes. But I think I may have gone a little overboard. The whole not shopping thing meant that I made up for it in delicious biccies, fruit and cake - and half the office appear to have given up cake for Lent! I think it was simply that I had the opportunity to splurge a bit, and it didn't really matter what I was buying, just that I was buying. It felt good.

After a (long, painful) seminar at university on Tuesday I was given a lovely gift by a friend in my class - a bracelet that she had been given and no longer wanted. She thought it might make me smile during no new shoes. I was really touched that she thought of me and it gave me a replacement bracelet for the gorgeous one I bought in NY but can't wear during Lent. Thanks Sarah - you're a lovely, thoughtful chick ;o)

No new shoes appears to be working in my favour!


Mr John Cooper said...

Glad to hear that it is sympathy bracelets and not sympathey underwear.....

Keep fighting the good fight and enjoy another MCH tea party!


Dave said...


If there's an excess of cake to be eaten I'm always willing to give Jim a hand!!!

trolleydolley said...

Happy Birthday Toby!

If you are missing buying music...a friend of mine told me about a useful website this week called www.pandora.com. Create your own radio station for free!

Hope you like it!

On a personal note, am going to Ikea on Monday with a friend who has just moved house. Will I resist?

Lilith said...

er... what kind of bracelet can't be worn during Lent??

Anna D said...

Hey Lilith,

I bought a whole load of stuff in New York shortly before no new shoes started, but decided to put it away for Lent so I wouldn't displace my shopping urge onto indulging in the nice new stuff. One of these items was a bracelet - a gorgeous one bought in Chinatown that I miss very much...