Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Saturday, 24 March 2007

champagne and buses

I'm afraid I cracked and went to the reception (just for a short time) but I did resist the urge to spend money on myself. All I bought was a birthday gift for my friend Cath, who we're seeing tonight (she's having a pirate party - Arr!!). It was a nice thing to do as well, even if to just get out of the house with Jim for a while - since no new shoes started, we haven't really had much time out together. It was fine when the sun was shining and we could go out for walks, but now the winter has returned with a vengeance! However, the helpful comments have reminded me that I need to make sure that I make more time for God in everything I do. Prayer is often something that I try to fit in on the journey in to work, or just before I close my eyes at night and this project has made me think much more about prioritising my time and resources for God.

One thing I've been doing differently during Lent is that I've been catching the bus to the train station in the morning (rather than driving) so that I don't buy petrol I don't really need to use. I've found it really refreshing because it's reminded me that I'm part of a community. Everyone's going somewhere, but we all travel at least some of the way together and that really changed the way I think about where I live. It's so easy to go about your day almost completely isolated from your neighbours.

Anyway, I'm off - yo ho ho...


Michaela said...

Hope you had a lovely time at the reception.

Busses are great - you really get to observe human life in its beautiful complexity!

Christopher Clarke said...

Are you kidding??!!! Busses are nearly the seldom most depressing experience in the modern world! The only thing more depressing is being the victim of cruel irony and getting hit by one.

trolleydolley said...

Hope you had a great party Anna.

My Summer catalogue arrived from NEXT today....I haven't looked at it yet, I think I can cope with taking it out of the cardboard!

Nice things which have happened this week: Free potatoes from the local farm shop, and a free ticket to go and see Amazing Grace on Tuesday (hurrah!)

I have to admit I've not been quite as disciplined as I thought I could be during Lent, but it's not been too bad. One thing I have missed is going shopping on a Saturday. It was lovely last Sat to buy birthday cards and a gift....in Oxfam, so that's OK.

Like you and Jim, I know there are a couple of things I want to buy after Easter. And I think that's OK. This process has made me realise that I buy a CD or a DVD usually without even thinking about whether I can afford it or not, or whether it fits in with my monthly budget. And then I find out I'm overdrawn at the end of the month. So it's showing me to think before I spend.

Also....I have been more aware of fairly traded produce and am looking forward to buying some FairTrade M and S jeans soon.

bye for now

hooty said...

Stick with it Anna - I think your post is brill. You are such an encouragement!

It's good that you and Jim went out together and that you resisted the urge to spend money on yourself.

I think you have got to the heart of Lent when you talk not just of denying yourself spending sprees but about spending more time with God. And not just spending sprees, but you have focused too on fair trade, consumerism generally and those latest buzz words "carbon footprint".

You set yourself a hard task, but congratulations - keep going!

Mark said...

The reception sounded like a good idea, after all. I liked Alice's comment (from a previous page) that Jesus would probably have gone. And it did give you more time (and relaxed time) with someone who is precious to you.