Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

So far, so good - part 2

I've been a bit quiet, so I thought I'd offer a quick update.
For me, the two biggest things to give up were buying music and chocolate. Although I admit to having failed on the chocolate front on a couple of occasions, I have for the rest of the time been able to resist, and I do feel better for it. It has helped that Angela has been cooking a lot of yummy biscuits and cakes!

I thought giving up buying music would be harder, but in fact it has been easier. I simply haven't gone to any of the places where I normally browse and buy CDs, and I admit I haven't really missed it. Part of me worries about bargains I might have missed out on, but then again I'd have to be there every day to avoid that, so why worry about a few weeks.

The other challenge was my subscription to eMusic, which gives me 90 downloads a month. Although that is a very green way of buying music, it is still buying music. Not to download anything would be a waste, but just buying my tunes would sort of miss the point of No New Shoes. Eventually I had a brainwave: I bought 87 tracks of children's music for Elizabeth. There is a lot of great kids music that doesn't drive adults mad, and we now own a lot of it. Elizabeth likes it, I like it and I feel good that I used my monthly allowance for someone else.



John said...

Hello Toby..

As ever pedants corner - what did you do with the remainging three downloads?

SOunds like a good job so far - I must admit I have not fully joined in your scheme but have been purchasing alot less of late... I can now make scones and brownies which do taste alot better anyway!


Toby Scott said...


I haven't used them yet! I feel I might be justified in picking three tunes for me, or I might use them to just take a chance on a band or album I'd never normally go near, on the grounds that they will only go to nothing in a couple of weeks if I don't. If anyone wants to recommend some deeply strange music I could pick three tracks from, go ahead.


john o'wesley said...

Here's an easy way to save money - don't renew your subscription to the Methodist Recorder.

Mark said...


Do you know someone who can't afford to download tunes, but who could really use the lift and has the means to play them? You could download the remaining tunes for them.

In Christ,