Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Essential Hospitality

My Mum has been staying with us this week - mostly because our childminder is not well and Grandma came to the rescue. This has been great but it is a lot harder 'not to shop' when you have a visitor staying because so much about entertaining and showing gratitude is tied up with spending.

We did take her to the theatre because Sandy was offered free tickets at work - 'great' you might say 'a free night out'. Well it was a fantastic and funny night (we saw JUMP) - but we bought a meal out before the show and the walk along the Strand involved some serious window shopping.

Then (yes there's more....) on Friday I took Mum to Camden Lock Market because she's never been before and I knew she would love it. She did and I was able to buy her Birthday pressie - that's okay, it's in the rules BUT...

Dare I confess? Handing over a credit card to pay for her bed throw must have loosened something in my resolve because I also bought 2 throws for myself - which I will use in worship displays but that's not really a justification, is it?

So I confess before you all that I have fallen. I am now getting back on the wagon and hope to get to the end of Lent without another transgression. Sandy's Mum and Harry arrive tomorrow for the next childcare shift - so temptation may loom large. HELP!


Green Patches said...

If it makes you feel better, I, too, have fallen. Hubby and I were lured in by the siren call of Burger King on Saturday evening. He reckons that after a hard day's work clearing Grannie's flat and visiting her in her new rest home, fuel was needed before we set off back down the M40.

And if you consider what the inside of your average Burger King is like, it's not exactly a 4 star dining experience.

Mark said...

It's ridiculous how much money we can spend when family come visiting. I applaude your restraint!

As for the two extra throws, sure you slipped, but it sounds like you caught yourself before you fell completely. Or perhaps another hand was there to help you....

It takes time to change long-established ways. Your blog (transgressions and all) is inspiration for the rest of us to give it a try, or to keep at it.