Gone shopping?

Gone shopping?
Or has no new shoes changed our habits?

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I have a very shiny nose. No, I have not had too much to drink. Nor have I been out too long in this glorious March sunshine. I have lost my powder compact. I was eking out the last little crumbly bits and was confident that I could make it last until Easter. But no, I had to go and lose the darn thing.

I know that I am being melodramatic and I am fully aware how silly this sounds. But it is something I use every day and in a sense I don't feel properly dressed without it. I could, if I wanted, replace said item before Lent as Jim has offered to buy it for me. But I am determined not to cheat and use his good intentions to bend the rules.

We went out for dinner last night with friends. Now I know it's not technically allowed, but it was to celebrate a close friend's birthday. I think it would have been completely rubbish of me to back out on account of no new shoes and be a party pooper. (Also, of course, I wanted to go). It was really lovely and although it breaks to rules, I don't really mind doing that for friends. When Levine did her year of not buying, she completely avoided all meals out (except for one or two) and I admire her resolve. But she found it very awkward when havign to turn down invitations. Inevitably people offered to pay, but there's a stage at which it can get rather embarrasing. I'm not very good with social awkwardness, so I took the wimp's way out and just agreed.


Alice said...

Dear Anna,

Having seen you earlier on today before reading this, I feel I should tell you that I didn’t notice your shiny nose at all and you looked perfectly dressed to me.

Michaela said...

Shiny Nose - it's the grey hairs that are getting me down. I forgot to get a hair colour before we began this and I am beginning to resemble Methusala's grandmother (nice woman).

By Easter Sunday I will be offered free rides on the bus because I look ready for my pension. Get me to a salon (I'm worth it!).

Angela said...

I too have slide on the meal front, as I have a regular(every couple of months) meal out with other mum's from my new mum's group and it occurred recently, Lovely curry, really miss the take away's!!!

KM said...

Reflecting on John 12:1-8 (one of the readings for last Sunday), I was thinking about Mary's gift of perfume/ointment poured over Jesus' feet. While Judas tried to condemn her for the waste, Jesus affirmed her for her gift of love. I think sometimes dinner with friends or chocolates/flowers for mum might fall into that category - gifts of love, ways in which we can show our friends that they are special and that we care about them...
So I don't think you need to feel guilty about sharing a nice meal with friends - it is the relationships that matter!

Anna D said...

km - thanks for the encouragement. I think it's important (but sometimes hard) to be truly generous, especially with our time.

For most people, giving money is much easier than taking the time to listen or to do someone a favour.